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Francois Malan

Francois Malan / White Mountain Natural Produce

White Mountain Natural Produce is a 2 ha family run farm producing organic vegetables. Henriette and Francois Malans biodynamic farm is on the outskirts of Wolseley in the Breede River Valley (Western Cape, South Africa). The couple use organic methods of crop rotation, natural methods to build soil fertility, green manures and recently they have experimented with using homeopathic remedies (Francois brother is a homeopath) and have found them to be effective - such as using Silica applied at every moon Saturns opposition.

Arlene Van Wyk

Arlene Van Wyk / Quick Crop Vegetable Farm

Quick Crop Vegetable Farm is a subsistence farm that grows organic vegetables such as sweet basil and cayenne pepper. In addition, they also rear Broiler chickens and layer hens with the assistance of the Department of Agriculture. The farm is located farm 18km outside Durbanville, Cape Town.

Farm-to-Fork Produce

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